Fashionably Retro

After being spotted at their SS 2017 collection runway show, fashion brand DOLCE & GABBANA has finally released their highly attractive DOLCE RADIO BAG. Adding a retro radio and cassette tape graphics to their original DOLCE BOX, the bag can be connected to a smartphone for audio playback, just like a regular boom box. Its interior is solid maple wood, and the intricately detailed front was created using a 3D modeling technique and then hand painted. The speakers are made with black lacquered resin and covered with metallic silver, and the push-buttons are olive wood and resin, making it appear just like a real vintage stereo. There is a 3.5mm plug within the bag, so it can be easily connected to smartphones or portable devices to play music. Additionally, the bag comes with vintage knobs for turning on and adjusting the volume.

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