Farmers’ New Helper
CAKE Kibb Electric ATV

Swedish electric bike maker CAKE has just created its first four-wheeled vehicle. The company is committed to bringing the concept of a semi-autonomous electric ATV for regenerative farming to the market in the near future.

The Kibb electric quad was first conceptualized by Swedish transportation designer Fanny Jonsson for her master’s thesis earlier this year. Jonsson was interning at CAKE when she created Kibb, and she has now joined the company after graduation to bring this concept to reality.

Most farming machines are still powered by fossil fuels. As a multifunctional, battery-powered ATV, the Kibb can move around the worksite with or without a human driver at the controls, all while emitting zero pollutants. A wide range of ATV accessories can be connected thanks to its modular body with multiple attachment points. The Kibb can also serve as a mobile power station to support farmers when using small electrical tools.

In Jonsson’s initial design, the construction material choices are equally clean — the tyres are made out of dandelions and the plastics are derived from linseed plants, while the frame and most details are made of aluminium. For the next step, CAKE plans to interview farmers to find out their needs and aims to bring Kibb to production by 2025.