Extreme One Off
Lanzante announces McLaren P1 GT Longtail

Lanzante Motorsport from the UK has released teaser images for the upcoming McLaren P1 GT Longtail, an extreme version of the track-only hybrid P1 GTR hypercar created as a special road legal one off.

Aside from the amount of ventilation on top of the front fenders, the paint of the hypercar is also a standout, and reminiscent of the 1997 McLaren F1 GT, a road-going version of which only three examples were ever made. With the Longtail tag, skillfully tuned aerodynamic rear body components are expected for the special one off.

Lanzante has yet to announce the finer details of the car, but it should be at least as powerful as the donor car if not more, therefore featuring a hybrid powertrain that is good to generate  986 bhp minimum and a top speed of 362 km/h.


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