Extra Fun Elements
Tarmac Works model cars

Founded by a team of Hong Kong-based enthusiasts, model car brand Tarmac Works clearly operates on a pure passion for automobiles and miniatures. Most of the products from Tarmac Works are premium-quality 1:64 scale models, with the majority being race cars and modified street cars sitting at ‘proper’ ride heights, with many coming in a display case. Some of the models even feature an opening front or rear bonnet with a detailed engine bay. Then there are collections fitted with rollable wheels that can be played with, as well as collaborative models developed with like-minded brands.

Keeping things fun and exciting is also of great importance to the brand, so in addition to race cars, styles such as retro wagons, light commercial vehicles, and other special vehicles can be found in the Tarmac Works catalogue — there’s even a special collection dedicated to accessories for the model cars, and the variety is huge. Bicycles, surfboards, and more are available as rooftop parts, while rim sets, garage tools, and pit garages are designed for motor racing fans.

Check out the full range at www.tarmacworks.com.