Exquisitely Handmade
Bas and Lokes

We are deeply in love with beautifully crafted leather goods, especially watch straps. We continuously search for the best examples available online from all over the world, and that’s how we discovered Bas and Lokes.

Many of us understand that feeling when we can’t find something we need and end up making it ourselves; this is the reason Bas and Lokes exists. Bas is a collector of vintage watches, and she wanted her watch straps to match her outfit (just like we do). Her search revealed that the selection of upscale handmade leather watch straps in the market was very slim, and so she formed her business to fill that niche.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Bas and Lokes began in 2009 with a small team of just two. Their handcrafting of original leather watch straps has gradually evolved into a team of five women, with their collection now diversified to include a range of other handmade leather accessories such as wallets, cases, belts and others. All products are limited editions instead of being mass-produced, ensuring every item’s uniqueness. Bas and Lokes has become the go-to suppliers for many watch collectors, and their fan base of customers worldwide is steadily growing.

Visit their website for more info or to purchase.