Exquisite Home Furnishings
Bentley launches limited furniture collection

Bugatti is not the only luxury automaker that unveiled furniture pieces at the event of Milan Design Week. Bentley just launched a limited Home Furniture collection as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. While this is not the first time Bentley steps into the world of home furnishings, the gentlemen’s club kind of vibe matches perfectly with the brand image.

The simple collection consists of just three items –  an armchair, a matching foot-stool and a desk – and limited to just 100 pieces for each style. Created by Bentley Design, the collection pay homage to the Bentley values, with innovative designs echoing the brand’s vision for the future. Each item from the collection is hand-crafted using advanced techniques and contemporary materials. For example, the metal frames on the furniture are crafted from gold-plated iron, while the dark oak panels are brushed with liquid gold. The special Bentley Centenary logo is also etched into metalwork of each item, celebrating the glorious anniversary and looking ahead for more exquisite craftsmanship.