Exercise Sophisticatedly
Work in Use gym equipments

People are becoming more and more health-conscious, and it is quite a common thing to own a couple of exercise equipments at home. Unless your pad is spacious enough to have a dedicated exercise area, the appearance of most gym gear doesn’t quite fit in with a well designed home. This is where Rhode Island based Work in Use steps in. The design studio is dedicated to create high-end movement tools that you can leave in the living room.

The objects created by Work in Use redefined how we think about form, materials, and aesthetics in our practice. Made of wood, brass and leather in sophisticated shapes, each piece is handmade with great attention within the United States. The collection includes balance rail, pull up bar, hand weights and more. They all come in a form that slightly different from what we are used to, but function just equally well, and definitely look way more appealing.