To the reality
Gran Turismo SPORT

Amazingly, Gran Turismo (GT), the pioneer of realistic car racing games, is 19 years old. When Kazunori Yamauchi, the “father of GT”, released GT in 1997, the game’s realistic driving experience, real car models, and smooth racing scenes laid the pathway for future car racing games. Not only did it amaze car racing fans and gamers, but it also changed the history of racing games, encouraging other game developers to follow in their footsteps. Despite the intense competition, Gran Turismo remains the most successful driving game with over 7.5 million units shipped since the series began.

The currently scheduled “Gran Turismo SPORT”, to be released on the 15th of November 2016, is a transition game between “GT6” and “GT7”. Still GT SPORT maintains the high expectations of every other release in the series. Equipped with 140 car models, it includes the Vision Gran Turismo concept car, the Gran Turismo Sport exclusive prototype, and other top enthusiast vehicles from around the world. To accompany these models, Gran Turismo SPORT also ships with 19 scenes, 27 tracks, and the highly anticipated debut of “Tokyo Highway”.

In a significant development outside of the game’s virtual world, Gran Turismo has confirmed FIA (International Automobile Federation) agreement to manage the “Gran Turismo Online Championship”, two simultaneous worldwide racing series that “allow a rebirth of automotive competition”. Accessed in Gran Turismo SPORT’s “Sports Mode”, players can enter either of two FIA recognized championships, the “Nations Cup” and the “Manufacturers Cup”. The winners of each series will be crowned champions at the annual FIA prize-giving ceremony in Paris, creating another sense of excitement and honor in the gaming community.