Energy From The Earth
VitalJuwel Gem Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are essential for anyone who wants to maintain their water level without generating more waste on our planet.  There could be one issue though, as the palatable difference does exist between normal tap water or filtered water and bottled spring water.  VitalJuwel from Germany creates beautiful water bottles with gemstones encased in elegant glass vessels, which transforms the texture and mouthfeel of everyday drinking water.

Using gemstones to purify water isn’t new as many cultures have been improving their vibrations and vitalizing their water with them for thousands of years.  While the benefits are hard to quantify through conventional scientific means, laboratory tests do verify that water treated with gemstones regains its original, natural energy comparable to fresh spring water including changing on pH level.  The mouthfeel of the treated water is notably clearer and smoother, which makes drinking water slightly more enjoyable. As each type of gemstone has its unique energetic charge, VitalJuwel has created blends such as Wellness, Inspiration, Vitality and more to combine the vibrations of different gems.

While the water bottles are good for on-the-go, VitalJuwel also produces vials that are convenient for home or office use.  The brand also takes care of our furry friends with the CrownJuwel pet bowl with a special blend of gems.  More information can be found on 432HZ.