Embrace The Burning Fire
Burning Man 2018

 ‘Burning Man’ and event that is held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in America every year has always circulated discussions as well as debates. It is not an ordinary festival; each year it draws around 7,000 attendants from all over the world gathering in a deserted dessert to  build a community that focus on sharing resources and on the very last day of the festival it is  destroy and burned to the grounds. One of the principles state, ‘Leaving No Trace’. Burning Man 2018 begins from 26th of August to 3rd of September, different creatives in various art form have bloomed  in the desert with the theme ‘I, Robot’, nurturing creativity and providing chances for reflection. Some might learn to face their loss among the flames, some felt to be set free in hectic lives, and some re-evaluate themselves in the experience.