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Honda e:N Series

There’s no denying that China has become one the largest markets on the planet for the automotive industry, and quite a few carmakers have plans to launch exclusive models dedicated solely to China, using local manufacturing plants to harness the inherant cost and logistical efficiency. Honda recently announced its electric vehicle strategy for the Chinese market, and gave us the first glimpse of the upcoming e:N Series.

Aligned with the automaker’s plan to only launch hybrids and EVs in China after 2030, 10 EV models from the Honda e:N Series will go on sale in the next five years. The name e:N represents “e-technology” and “new/next”, and the new series will be supported by a brand new OS, an integrated system consisting of Honda SENSING, Honda CONNECT, and a smart digital cockpit that ensures a safe and pleasant driving experience. The concept models of the e:N Series look quite futuristic with boxy shapes and straight lines, and from the images we’ve seen, the series will include various styles including a GT, a SUV, and a Coupe.

Honda has also released images of the first set of e:N Series models, namely the e:NS1 and e:NP1, which will be hitting the market in spring 2022. No finer details for the two models have been released yet, but from these images it seems to be a more realistic reflection of the production models going on sale soon, showing a simple yet sporty and stylish exterior.

Honda also envisions exporting e:N Series from China to other parts of the world, though no solid plan or timeline has been discussed as of yet.

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