Education Through Art
Mercedes-Benz art car by Dreamhaus LA

Art collective and non-profit organisation Dreamhaus LA took the opportunity during a recent toy drive to present their latest work — a rainbow-coloured 1995 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG art car.

Showcased at the Californian African American Museum in Los Angeles, the art car embodies the essence, spirit, mission and future of Dreamhaus, who are dedicated to implementing arts as both an educational tool and a viable career path for students through lectures and workshops. On top of the kaleidoscopic exterior lies the core message of the art collective and various motifs, with the slogan “The World Is Ours” wrapped around the side of the tyres. The interior has been transformed too, with more expressions on the floral fabric inserts on black leather seats. This eye-catching art car surely achieves it goal of raising awareness to Dreamhaus’ charitable mission.