Eco-Smart Open SUV
Dacia Manifesto Concept Car

Romanian automaker Dacia is aiming to push the boundaries when it comes to building robust, eco-smart, and affordable small cars, and the company’s vision and innovations are demonstrated in the latest concept car, the Manifesto.

The fully open two-seat SUV concept is designed for outdoor adventuring with its compact and lightweight built. With no doors, windows, or windscreen, passengers are going to be fully in touch with nature, whether they like it or not. The four-wheel drive, high ground clearance design of the EV makes it capable of roving over the toughest terrain, and the airless tyres ensure day-ruining punctures won’t be an issue. The exterior is made of Starkle, Dacia’s trademarked composite material with 20% of recycled plastic — a material that’s actually going to be used in the upcoming new generation of Duster. The multi-use roof features adjustable roof bars for carrying items of different sizes, while the rear can be used as a desk – there’s even a port for charging devices.

Innovative features can also be found in the interior. Instead of a wide dashboard screen, Dacia intends for the driver to use their own smartphone in order to display maps and settings. The removable seat covers also double as a sleeping bag, and of course also make cleaning simpler.

While there’s no plan for Manifesto to go into production, Dacia does intend to filter some of these concepts into future production models.