Eclipse of Rainbow
Emphasizing on the phenomenon of eclipse and rainbow.

The rare phenomenon of the eclipse is not an experience shared by everybody. However, with the “Eclipse of Rainbow” designed by Greek designer Eugenia Antoniou, anybody can get to experience the magical sight of the solar eclipse and the rainbow at home. It is definitely a breathtaking LED lighting design.

The combination of these two natural phenomena– the solar eclipse and the rainbow– was the inspiration for this design. The designer decided to directly use the evolution of an eclipse, of how the sun progresses to cover more of the moon everyday, as his production concept. This is why he has placed a black disk right beneath the light source of the “Eclipse of Rainbow”, so that some of the light is blocked out, and an eclipse-like contrast between the white light and the black shadow can be created. The lamp comes with seven LED bulbs, which are all arranged in a particular order. When you turn it on, you will see the light from the color bulbs bouncing off the disk, and creating a rainbow effect. You can also see the white light between the light source and the disk. This lamp is able to create two dreamy lighting effects.

The “Eclipse of Rainbow” is still under its conceptual stage, but it has already won first place in “Ideas Design Competition indoor/ outdoor Led Luminaire 2014”, and has also received an honor award from the “red dot award 2015”. With such achievements, the product should not be far from its official launch date.