easyPOCKET by Eschenbach
Best Companion for Reading in the Dark.

Ever had the experience of reading in the dark, where the fine black prints on your white receipts and documents blurs into a puddle and can only be read if you paid extra attention? This is when you would die to have a magnifying glass with you so you can enlarge the text; as well as a flashlight so you can drive away the darkness, allowing your vision to return to a clear bright view.

easyPOCKET is a product developed by German magnifier brand Eschenbach, designed especially for reading in dim environments. Using a 50x46mm non-spherical/ diffractive hybrid lens, it also has a built in function. During usage, the SMD LED light automatically turns on once the lens is lightly pushed out, releasing a soft but bright light. This group of action is done all at one go, allowing you to read at ease even in dark environments.

In addition, easyPOCKET uses reinforced plastic made from glass fibre which makes the lens less likely to get damaged. One of the most crucial element is its 3mm thin size, so even if you were to put it in your suit jacket or denim pocket, it will not feel uncomfortable. Coming in three different color ways including black, white and Greyish Blue; the black and grey ones offers 3x manifying ability while the Greyish Blue one offers 4x magnifying ability. Its light and thin appearance with its durable construction makes it doubtlessly your best companion for reading in the dark.

  1. Black (3x) – HKD$900
  2. Silver (3x) – HKD$900
  3. Greyish Blue (4x) – HKD$990

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