DIY Trailer Conversion
Acura NSX Trailer

The Acura NSX – the North American version of the Honda NSX – has had a cult following since day one. The two-seat, mid-engine sports car is famous for its admirable performance and relatively affordable price tag. Although the NSX certainly isn’t a stranger to modification, one dedicated owner has taken things to a whole new level, and a completely different direction, not just turning his Acura into a camper, but converting a second example into a trailer in order to create the ultimate road trip combo.

Chris Cut of the YouTube channel NSXTRA is the proud creator of this extraordinary project, and it must be pointed out that the donor car for the trailer was involved in two serious accidents and wouldn’t be able to hit the road again on its own, thus the trailer conversion was a unique and feasible way to give the lame-duck a chance at a second life. With additional lighting set in place for legislative reasons, now the roof tent, which was originally mounted to the full NSX, is carried by the trailer instead, while inside you’ll find a rare Honda Motocompo moped safely strapped in.

With matching red paint and big Work Meister rims, this Acura NSX camper and trailer duo certainly isn’t subtle — you won’t be flying under the radar at the camping site with this one. Watch the video below if you want to know about the build process.