DIY F1 Racer
Tipo184 Alfa Romeo 158 Starter Kit

For many motorsports enthusiasts, owning an F1 race car is the stuff of dreams. While it might not be attainable for the vast majority, Tipo184 has developed a handy conversion kit that allows people to build their own replica of the Grand Prix winning Alfa Romeo 158. All you need on top of the kit is a Mazda MX-5 donor car.

The Tipo184 project is the brainchild of English car builder and TV presenter Ant Anstead. As if it’s not enough for him to create his own tribute to the Alfa 158 — the iconic racer that was born in 1938 and triumphed at the very first World Championship GP at Silverstone in 1950 — he also came up with the brilliant idea of producing the body and mechanical components for others to build their own. It all begins with the starter kit, which consists of a bespoke chassis, hand built body panels, grill, exhaust, dash panel and more, which is sufficient to put together a Alfa 158 lookalike model car. If you prefer to get all the essence of a properly-running Alfa 158, you will have to purchase additional parts, including the mirror and signal manoeuvre kit, cooling system, racing seat, sports wheels, tyres, and more. The starter kit is priced £8,499 plus tax and shipping, and will be available for delivery within 2021.