Diwani Chair by AE Superlab
A sculptural rocker chair with a flowing form.

Even the sun seems to soften up during a lazy afternoon, making one yearn to find something that is comfortable to lean on. The first thing that comes up in my mind, would be the old rocking chair that often appears in vintage movies.

My idea of a rocking chair is very comfortable, yet its design is typically very rustic, outdated and never in sync with fashion, that is why my desire in purchasing one always get distinguished. However, the Diwani Chair which I recently discovered has completely overturned my old impression of a rocking chair. As AE Superlab design firm’s latest release, its name was inspired by the Arabic Diwani calligraphic script, which is why the chair was designed with slanted streamlines, similar to how the text is usually written. Using laminates for its production, it successfully delivers a visual with flowing lines, giving the rocking chair a strong minimalistic feel.

After observing the design with a closer look, one would find that the flowing silhouette and the seat height fits perfectly with the principles of ergonomics, allowing one to feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting on it. When it comes to its workmanship, the production process goes through a fine assembly line and then gets passed onto local craftsmen for repair and completion. From its design to its welding, everything happens in Brooklyn so a consistent level of quality can be assured. If you think wooden textures are too common, you can perhaps choose their Diwani Chair offered in red, green and brown which meets the different users’ requirements.