Designed for Gamers
Sennheiser GSP 600 gaming headset

Sennheiser has released a headset that is dedicated to gaming, a field which requires instant communication with teammates in crisp voice reproduction.  The new flagship GSP 600 gaming headset may not be something that you’d want to wear on the streets for listening to music, but for gaming it is fit for its purpose.

As a Sennheiser product, the sound is of an expected quality with warm, deep bass fittingly added to the well-controlled mid-range and detailed high frequencies for a rich experience. As long gaming sessions are expected, extra attention has been given to the comfort level of the headset. The suede-like material on the ear pads prevents the set from sticking to the ears, and the new adjustable headband design fits better than before for users of different head shapes.

GSP 600 features an advanced noise-cancelling microphone with broadcast quality for the best in-game communication, so clear voice with minimised background noise can be expected. The arm of the microphone is not detachable, but it can be rotated up to mute. The headset is compatible with different platforms including PC, Mac and consoles that support a 3.5 mm jack input.