Designed By AI
Digital Art by An Improbable Future

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated into many parts of our life, from self-driving cars to smart virtual assistants on devices, social media monitoring, online search optimisation, and unmanned retail stores, it seems that there’s no way to avoid AI unless you want to go full bushman and live in a shack in the woods. An industrial designer living in New York has created the Instagram handle @an_improbable_future to showcase industrial and transportation design created purely by artificial intelligence.

The project is quite cryptic, as the designer hasn’t unveiled much about themselves or their work process. All we know is that Midjourney was used as the text-to-art generator, but details such as the keywords inputted to the AI programme, or the number of versions generated are not disclosed. Still, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying these inspiring images. There are numerous types of vehicles, including a Range Rover-like SUV, supercars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. A handful of detailed dashboards with a retro-futuristic feel have been generated too. Finally, the designer has also included some interesting product designs, such as a reshaped Sony-branded Game Boy. Occasionally the brand name is misspelt, though we’re not sure if this was a purposeful choice from the designer, or if it was how the programme responded to the information it was given. Either way, why not check out the Instagram account and try to guess the influences behind each image?