Dedicated To The Skyline
Formawerx Ignition GTR key

Formawerx specialises in a very specific area of aftermarket car parts. The LA design studio creates customised keys for classic Porsche 911s, Land Rover Defenders, and Mazdas, and recently added the Nissan Skyline lineage to its project list.

The Ignition GTR key pays homage to the design of the Japanese motoring icon, and is penned by an ex-Audi designer who went through over 100 design iterations before settling on the version we see here. Inspired by the muscular, angular yet athletic appearance of the car, the key has a boxy yet lean outer silhouette, while the taillight graphic is proportionally scaled, based on the measurements of the real deal.

Each of the Ignition GTR keys is computer machined from Swiss watch grade stainless steel in either machined or frozen finish, with diamond engraving and logo deleting available as options. The key is compatible with all 1986 to 1998 Nissan Skylines and Skyline GTRs, as well as S-chassis’, Z31 and Z32 300ZXs, plus Subaru Imprezas from 1993 to 2004. Priced at US$ 300, buyers can purchase the Ignition GTR key in OEM factory specifications, then take it to the local locksmith for key cutting, or utilise Formawerx’s key cutting service at an additional cost.