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Boeing announces GoFly Prize finalists

The GoFly is a competition to create the next vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) personal flight devices powered by Boeing. The community attracted over 3,500 innovators from 101 countries, with 31 teams submitted visual and written proposal of their personal flyer prototypes.

Five finalists have been selected for the next phase, including: the sci-fi-ish aircraft with multi-rotor, ducted-fan named FlyKart2 from Trek Aerospace, Inc; Aeroxo’s Era Aviabike which looks like a VTOL version of single-seat aircraft; the all black and sleek S1 from Sliverwing Personal Flight; the Airboard 2.0 from Team Dragon Aviation that requires a brave heart to step on; and last but not least the rounded, retro looking Aria from Team Texas A&M Harmony.

Each of the five finalists will received US$ 50,000 in prizes and that would probably be spent in physically building their vision in actual size for the final fly-off in Q1 2020. Performance aspects including peed and endurance, the ability to achieve near vertical takeoff and landing, quietness, compactness and the experience of the open-air flight will be evaluated. A total of four prizes will be awarded in the final including the US$ 1,000,000 grand prize.