Dedicated to Paris
Citroën eCV electric concept car

Citroën 2CV first appearance is 1949 and the retro silhouette is still favourable by many. 70 years later Dutch designer Martin Hajek has brought the 2CV into the modern days and innovated the Citroen eCV electric concept.

The body of the electric concept follows the original but is slightly sharpened. The protruding front wheel arches are smoothened and the rear wheels are concealed, allowing the circular glass wing door to take the stage. Pay attention to the wheels as the classic three-bolt wheels take a new form. The round headlights remains from the previous design, while the floating bumper now comes in a unique shape. Hajek has removed the steering wheel completely for the design of the  Level 5 autonomous driving car. Furthermore, Hajek also designed a Taxi version of eCV electric concept to be used in Paris. During his visit to Paris, he realised the taxis in Paris does not come in a standardised look unlike the London black cabs or New York yellow cabs and he believes it is time for Paris to have one of their own.