Debuchy by Toulet Foosball Table
Injecting modern design into the classic pastime.

As a kid, my favorite schoolyard sports were American football and basketball. Strangely enough, I never developed the necessary skills to enjoy playing soccer (or football as it’s referred to outside of North America), despite its popularity amongst my friends. Foosball — or table football — however, has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and I remember heated childhood battles with everyone from my brother and father, to my peers at school and at church. But the foosball tables of my youth were almost always battered, dusty and cheaply-made, and I was excited to discover the beautifully-designed versions from France’s Toulet and Arsenal footballer, Mathieu Debuchy.

Injecting some modern design into the popular pub and rec room sport, the Debuchy By Toulet collection consists of unique models to satisfy a range of tastes and playing styles. Included are standouts tables such as the The Pure — a traditional four-legged design, the futuristic Le Debuch’ and more traditional, solid wood versions like the Vintage, all of which are unique, wonderfully made collector’s pieces for newcomers and long-time foosball enthusiasts alike.

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