Dark And Rugged
Wald International Black Bison Hilux

Since launching in 1968, the Toyota Hilux has only gone from strength to strength throughout the decades and is now currently halfway through its eighth generation.  This versatile, sober truck has always been the best friend of tradesmen, farmers, and rugged outdoors types but, surprisingly to some, this humble workhorse responds very well to some aftermarket styling.

The magic wand of Japanese tuning company, Wald International, has been cast over the eighth-gen Toyota to bring the Black Bison Edition Hilux to market.  This facelifted Hilux features a new front bumper and a big bonnet scoop, as well as new fenders that give the truck an extra 55mm each side, making the jumbo Hilux look even bigger and more aggressive.

Moving up to the roof, you’ll find new LED floodlights, then at the rear, a tailgate spoiler. A new exhaust system exits out via a set of three pipes on each side of the vehicle — they may not serve any functional purpose, but they definitely add to the aggression. Two different sets of wheels are available — massive 22-inch wheels that match the fender extensions, or Jarret one-piece 20-inch wheels for the standard fenders.

The Wald International Black Bison Toyota Hilux is, at this time at least, all style — the engine remains untouched.