Customizable Carryall
Mod Tablet 2 by This Is Ground

This Is Ground is a brand that grabbed my attention last year thanks to its Bandito Lifestyle Roll — a convenient leather wrap designed for storing and carrying one’s everyday gear. I was excited, then, to discover that the Los Angeles-based accessories specialist has been expanding its product range recently, with a handful of new designs that includes the Mod 2.

A customizable leather carryall designed to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of lifestyles and professions, the Mod features a seamless magnetic spine that accommodates modular inserts. Every piece, accordingly, includes a primary insert — an attachable storage option tailored for one’s lifestyle — plus the user’s choice of additional inserts designed for extra utility and to act as a soft stand for tablets. The interior of the Mod, meanwhile, features compartments for tablets, glasses, notebooks, pens and other small objects, resulting in a convenient daily carry-all for those — like myself — who tend to misplace stationery and other everyday essentials.