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2019 Rolls-Royce Bespoke cars highlights

Buying a Rolls-Royce is definitely an experience, but in the digital age of photo sharing, exclusiveness is being more important than ever. The automaker’s Bespoke Collective team of engineers, designers, and craftspeople created 5,152 spectacular Bespoke commissions and collection cars in 2019, which is more than ever before in the company’s 116-year history. With the new year kicking in Rolls-Royce brings us a nice overview of the Bespoke cars 2019, some of them are first seen in public.

Let’s start with something that we are familiar with. During the Pebble Beach car week last year, Rolls-Royce brought as the stunning The Pastel Collection, featuring new shades inspired by the colours of the ‘wildflower super-bloom’ on California’s Monterey Peninsula. The Ghost, Dawn and Wraith Black Badges were given Light Green, Coral, and Semaphore Yellow finish respectively, all were new additions to the Bespoke palette.

Also shown around the same time is the Cullinan in Fux Orange commissioned by collector Michael Fux. He basically brought a ladies wrap in vibrant orange to the automaker and asked them to match it for the car’s exterior. The process took nearly a year but achieved with great results, and now Mr Fux owns the Fux Orange shade plus other nine Bespoke colours, meaning they can only be used by the client himself or used with his permission.

The Horology Phantom looks subtle with a Gunmetal and Black two-tone exterior finish, but take a closer look you can see the gold and silver hand-painted twin coach line and the 24-carat gold cloaked Spirit of Ecstasy. Inside, the commissioned car features an abstract schematic of a watch movement.

If embroidery is your thing, that’s something Rolls-Royce can also be tailored to as demonstrated on the Rose Phantom. Built for a Stockholm-based entrepreneur with a passion for flowers, the interior of the car is decorated with a million embroidered stitches inspired by a rose bred exclusively for Rolls-Royce by Harkness Roses which can only be founded at the automaker’s home in Goodwood.

There are plenty more examples shown in the gallery, like the Bayside Dawn Aero Cowling with the style of a yacht as commissioned by a customer in Yokohama, The Tranquillity Phantom that features meteorite in the interior, and the Ghost Zenith Collection that made references and even shared parts of the 200EX. We can expect plenty more interesting and skilfully executed Bespoke vehicles in the coming year.