Custom Drift Machine
Custom RC car by Danny Huynh

What we are about to introduce could well be one of the weirdest creations featured on our website. Australian photographer and artist Danny Huynh has an alter-identity as a radio-controlled car customiser and has been posting his extremely detailed, dystopian creations on YouTube for a few years. His latest video featuring yet another Mad Max-styled customisation has certainly caught our attention.

This freakish RC car began its life as a standard Humvee. Huynh hasn’t really disclosed the step-by-steps of this transformation, but he has completely binned the body shell and replaced it with a cage, as well as adding an enormous opening jaw in the front without interfering with the motor. Perhaps the most intriguing part is the manga-like figure, which he named the Drift Queen, sitting in the driver’s seat with her hand mounted on the extended throttle. With this level of detail you would expect the RC car to be quite big, but in some of the wider shots you realise it’s just 8 to 10 inches in length. Check out the fierce Drift Queen in action in the video below.