Crafted With Ancient Wisdom
Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania

One can’t help but feel a sense of mystery when looking at the relics of ancient civilisations. The 1920s were a particularly exciting time for archaeological adventures and discoveries, and the obsession for all things ancient Egypt inspired Montblanc to create an octagonal-shaped fountain pen with Egyptian-style engravings. Montblanc launched its first writing instrument in 1906, and from time to time it revisits its past collections, infusing those elements with new designs and technical innovations for its Heritage editions. The latest collection, dubbed Heritage Egyptomania, is inspired by this same Montblanc ‘Egyptian Fountain Pen’ from nearly a century ago. 

The new collection consists of two editions, both featuring a set of authentic hieroglyphics that translate to “white stone mountain” as an interpretation of the Montblanc name. The Heritage Egyptomania Resin edition features an octagonal cap and barrel in black resin, paired with vintage gold-coated fittings and a 14K gold nib with an embossed scarab. The Heritage Egyptomania Doué shares the same shape and black resin material but is paired with palladium-coated fittings. The barrel also features metal embellishments with authentic hieroglyphics. These wordings are taken from the ancient Egyptian funerary text “Book of the Dead” written back in 1300 B.C, understandably one of the most important findings in Egyptology. The two editions are available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and rollerball pen.

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