Covered In Pennies
1968 Morris Mini-Minor “Penny Lane” commissioned by Paul McCartney

The legend of The Beatles began more than 50 years ago, until now all Beatles’ memorabilia are highly collectable. It would be great if the item can be used regularly instead of jut sitting in a display area. This special edition of Mini would be an ideal present for any Beatlemaniac.

In 1968, Paul McCartney, a fan of this classic 1960s car, commissioned at least two examples of the special Morris Mini-Minor for the promotion of their single “Penny Lane”. The car was epoxied with 4000 pennies which some of them dated back to late 1800s. On top of that was a think layer of lacquer for preventing oxidation. The coins add extra 200 lbs to the car’s weight, but the Mini is still fully drivable. One of the examples was reportedly located at Cornish Goldsmiths a few years ago while the other was exported to the United States and is available for sale at $25,000. There is also saying on the streets that a third example does exist and a few replicas once surfaced on the market, perhaps further research would be helpful If you intend to purchase this fun memorabilia.