Controlled By Smartphone
Polaroid Originals OneStep+

Polaroid cameras are still essential for people who like to instantly capture moments on film. The company has been continuously incorporating new technology for making their cameras more fun and user-friendly. Recently the company launched the Polaroid Originals OneStep+, another new model inspired by the original OneStep, which was released back in 1977.

The OneStep+ camera connects to the Polaroid Originals app via Bluetooth, meaning there are a bunch of new tools being applied to the camera. Remote shutter trigger and self timer are convenient even thought they are not that uncommon, while functions such as double exposure, light painting and noise shutter trigger increase the serendipity of capturing the fun, odd moments. The user can set the sensitivity for the noise trigger, so the clap of your hand or even the bark of your dog could trigger the shutter. Additionally, the manual mode allows the photographer to completely control the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, flash intensity and photo ejection. The secondary portrait lens on the camera also captures clear, detailed photographs from as close as 30 cm away.