Completely Handmade
Runge RS

Former professional snowboarder Chris Runge turned his passion for cars into his own bespoke automobile company, operating out of his workshop in Minnesota. You may not have heard of him, but from the shop of his new outfit Runge has just unveiled this beautiful 1950’s influenced racer – aptly named the Runge RS. From building the wooden bucks to beating aluminium sheets into body panels, Runge only utilises electrical hand tools – nothing is automated, with the RS taking over 2,000 hours to complete. 

The Runge RS concept was inspired by German race cars of the 1950s, but with hints of Maserati and Ferrari styling cues of the same period expertly blended in. Performance-wise, the RS features a newly built air-cooled flat-four cylinder engine that delivers 159 hp.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Runge is also currently developing a new coupe that is capable of running at nearly 320 km/h. With plenty of other coach designs in his folder that fit his current chassis, potential owners can truly express their own preferences, making every Runge hand-made creation unique – for a fee of approximately US$275,000.