Commemorating 90 Years of Success
Pininfarina Battista “Anniversario” Supercar

Whether it’s an automobile design firm or a coachbuilder, Pininfarina has been closely-associated with deluxe and top-performing cars for many years.  To commemorate its 90th anniversary, this Italian industry-leader has taken this opportunity to show off its capability in producing opulent car crafted with Italian finest craftsmanship.

Only limited to as few as 5 units all over the world, this special edition Battista “Anniversario” is a spiced-up version of its predecessor.  Equipped with four electric motors, this new car can produce the same roaring 1,900 horsepower and 2,300Nm.  From standstill to 100km/h takes merely 2 seconds which is quite unbeatable; top speed is as high as 350km/h.  Together with the innovative torque vectoring system by Pininfarina, the most illustrious and thrilling driving experience in the market can be expected.  Thanks to the carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and powerplant, this limited car can deliver the best of the best performance that the owner would not find anything to complain about.  Besides the superb performance, which are basically expected, the coachwork all over the car is also precious.  The hand-built, Cambiano-based platform has been meticulously revised to cut weight and improve the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.  On the exterior, the car is adorned with a specialized chassis plate, the custom headlight engraving and demarcating the “Anniversario” script; on the inside, the cabin is made to be more luxurious with improved ergonomics.  All these surpassing details explain the ultra-high price at US$2,900,000.