Combining Music And Gaming
Love Hultén NES-SY37

Swedish audiovisual artist and craftsman Love Hultén has developed numerous fun and creative custom-built projects, with most focusing on retro gadgets for music or gaming. For his latest project, the NES-SY37, Love Hultén combines elements of both music and gaming into a one-off synthesiser inspired by the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System.

The NES-SY37 shares the same colour palette as the classic console with black, red, and shades of grey, while the black D-pad and the red circular buttons are directly borrowed from the controllers. The musical components in the project include an NES Poly Chiptune Synthesiser, hapiNES L created by Twisted Electronics — which is a four-voice multi-track chiptune synth inspired by the Ricoh RP2A07 8-bit microprocessor used in the original Nintendo Entertainment System — some spring rev, and a custom made real-time MIDI visualiser by artist P1xelfool. The 800 x 600 pixel LCD screen isn’t just used for displaying graphic visuals, either. The NES-SY37 accepts NES cartridges and if paired with the original NES controller, can double as a proper console.

Like all previous projects of Love Hultén, the NES-SY37 is a one-off custom build, so you’ll have to contact the man himself to see if an example can be made upon request.