Climate Correcting Machine
Perpetual Spring Pavilion by Obra Architects

Climate change is one of the key issues that companies from different industries are keen to address with their own specialties. Designed by Obra Architects in collaboration with Dongsimwon Landscape, Front Inc., Obra Abim and Supermass Studio, the Perpetual Spring Pavilion is a unique prototype of an artificially-controlled greenhouse machine bring attention to this pressing global issue. Obra Architects even called it a “climate-correcting machine.”

On the metallic exterior of the Perpetual Spring Pavilion are 188 bubble-like “eyes” each made of  90 cm polycarbonate plastic semi-sphere, allowing sunshine into the space and keeping it warm during the cold days. The pavilion is outfitted with a variable climate control system including photovoltaic panels on nearby rooftop, powering automatic exhaust fans, aluminium foil curtains and radiant floor-heating system to maintain a permanent spring weather-like conditions.

Situated just outside the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul until 5 April, 2020, the pavilion serves as a space of public use for hosting a variety of events including public lectures and discussions, poetry readings, theatre, music, dance performances and more. Audio-visual displays are also placed inside, showing real time global climatic and environmental data to the pavilion’s visitors.