Classic Re-imagined
Apple Watch Pod Case

When iPod was first launched in the market it was considered a major design breakthrough for music playing device in terms of both aesthetics and function. While beloved by many, it didn’t stop Apple from discontinuing the classic product. Now designer Joyce Kang has conceived a concept that turn your Apple Watch Series 4 into an iPod Classic lookalike.

The silicone Pod Case has a slot for inserting the Apple Watch, reminiscent of the original iPod . It looks great with the signature “click wheel” beneath the watch face but sadly it is completely non-functional. There is a cutout for the crown and another large, circular cutout at the back, so at least all the features on the watch including wireless charging should function as usual. The project is designed for Caseology and there is plan for actually launching it. At the back of the case the line “I will not forget.” is engraved underneath the iPod icon. Many people probably feel the same and would welcome this nostalgic but actually impractical item.