Classic Beauty Electrified
Jaguar E-type Zero

Enzo Ferrari once described the Jaguar E-type as “the most beautiful car in the world”. Now Jaguar is giving the vintage sports car another life by replacing its original engine with a fully electric powertrain.

The E-type Zero is based on a 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-type Roadster. Restored and converted by the in-house team at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry, the motor and its lithium-ion battery pack is placed in the same location of the original XK six-cylinder engine. Therefore the car’s structure, including suspension and brakes, has not changed and it drives like the original E-type.

The E-type Zero’s 0-100km/h acceleration is only 5.5 seconds, about one second quicker than the Series 1 E-type. The EV has a ‘real world’ range of 270 km, while the 40 kWh battery can be recharged in six to seven hours.

Apart from the powertrain, other changes on the E-type Zero include the modified instrumentation and facia but both are inspired by the original E-type. The headlights have also been replaced with LED lights for better energy efficiency.