Cinematic Heaven
The Metrograph

Metrograph is an art cinema located in New York. Providing much more than just movies and screening rooms, Metrograph is a hub that draws in anyone who is passionate about film. Founder Alexander Olch, a filmmaker-turned-fashion designer, has devoted the last seven years to building up Metrograph, putting both classics and current releases into the back-to-back screening rooms, hoping to turn the appreciation of movies into a social experience, or even a lifestyle. This “Third Space” comprises two screening rooms, a bookstore and a restaurant, so you can spend either the whole afternoon or a whole day there even if you don’t have any particular purpose.

Metrograph’s restaurant is named Commissary, supplying bite-size food for both those who want to catch a snack and watch a movie at the same time, and those attending numerous events including book signings, director’s sharing sessions and previews in the bar. The bookstore naturally has a movie theme, with an ever expanding collection of books and magazines to surprise you. It’s the place to visit after viewing a hand-cranked 35mm film, where you’re able to discuss the plot, browse for books regarding a particular director, or simply enjoy the atmosphere however you choose.

You’ll immediately notice that the ticket counter, candy shop and other facilities have a sense of vintage style, making Metrograph both romantic and artistic, attracting people from all sorts of backgrounds who share a common interest in movies.

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