Cinematic Cycles
Concepts by Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Humans hold endless imagination for the future; it’s a source of motivation to improve ourselves and achieve our goals, and it looks like Barbara Custom Motorcycles holds that same belief too.

The French design studio has created a series of conceptual motorcycles that look like the creations you would see in sci-fi films. Barbara reboots the designs from some of the famous manufacturers such as BMW, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki, just to name a few. Their examples are much more than pen to paper. Each cycle holds your gaze and goads you to speculate its origins, its history and its scars. The presentations pulls you in to a time long past, as well as the near future courtesy of weathered patina, dry lake grit and too-cool frame lines. Barbara gives each concept a very cinematic title, like “Elvis Has Left the Building”, “Hair of the Dog” and “The Right Stuff”, making each design a genuinely dramatic and mesmerising motorcycle.