Christmas Classic
LEGO Ideas Home Alone set

It’s time to get festive as Christmas will be here in less than two months. There are a few movies that are often associated with the holiday season, with Home Alone being an obvious choice. And if revisiting the classic movie is not enough, getting this stunning LEGO Ideas Home Alone set should do the trick.

Like all other LEGO Ideas sets, the concept of the Home Alone model was originated from a fan submission and voted by the public. Ukraine-based designer Alex Ztorochuk is a big fan of the movie and his original model isn’t far from the one we see here.

With 3,957 pieces, the biggest LEGO Ideas set is a fun rendition of the the McCallisters’ house, filled with recognisable items and traps that allow fans to recreate the movie scenes and pranks. The five minifigures included are  Kevin Mcallister with swappable screaming face, his mum Kate, the two burglars Harry and Marv and neighbour ‘Old Man’ Marley, plus and additional Michael Jordan cutout. The bandits’ modular van and the backyard treehouse where Kevin escapes to via a biplane are not to be missed, there’s even a battery powered light brick that illuminates the furnace in the basement.

LEGO has split the nearly 4,000 pieces of bricks into 24 bags in the packing, so builder can work on the model day by day like an advent calendar and according to progression of the movie’s plot. The completed  house measures 27 cm high, 34 cm wide and 37 cm deep, and is just in time for a great festive display.