Chasing British Icons
Max Verstappen vs Everything

Max Verstappen’s DNF in the recent British Grand Prix wasn’t exactly the result that Red Bull Racing wanted, with the Belgian-Dutch racer on track for less than a lap before colliding with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Prior to the race at Silverstone Circuit, though, the Red Bull team was in a lighter mood, releasing a fun video showing Verstappen racing against various British transportation icons in a vintage Red Bull F1 challenger.

Verstappen’s weapon of choice was the RB7, the double-F1 championship-winning race car that triumphed in 12 out of 19 races in 2011. His opponents in this promotional video included the iconic double-decker London bus and black cab, a special Bullman car, plus vehicles commonly seen on the streets of Britain, like a white delivery van, a Ford Fiesta ST, and a Volkswagen Polo. However, the most interesting rival was a Supermarine Spitfire,  the legendary war-winning fighter aircraft first flown in the late thirties.

In the video, we see Verstappen deliberately leaving the line much later than the other machines, but it doesn’t take long for the RB7 to chase down its opponents and overtake them one by one. But how did the RB7 fare against the incredible Spitfire? Watch the video below to find out.

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