Cabin of Secrets
Phantom Extended Wheelbase Private Suite

As one of the leading automakers striving to offer the utmost luxury experience to the world’s richest, Rolls-Royce launched the “Privacy Suite” for the new Phantom EWB (Extended Wheelbase) at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show, providing a secluded journey for its important clientele.

An Electrochromatic Glass complete separates the rear cabin from the driver and the front passenger. The glass can be see-through for viewing the road situation at the front, or completely opaque for privacy by just a touch of the button, but this can only be control by the rear occupants. Side and rear windows with privacy glass and curtains ensure the occupants’ can be concealed from the public.

The rear cabin also features “frequency-specific compound” for avoiding sounds being transmitted to the front, communications between the front and rear counterparts are through intercoms. There is an aperture for passing documents and object between to two cabins and again the rear passengers have the final control over both the intercom and aperture. The Bespoke Rear Theatre in the Privacy Suites include two 12-inch monitors with integrated HDMI ports for entertainment and displaying of top secret plans.