Celebrating Group C Race Cars
Autodromo Group C Sport Chronograph

The age of Group C was a significant era in motorsport, and its unique spirit is celebrated in Autodromo’s latest Group C Sport Chronograph.

Taking place between 1982 and 1993, the endurance race cars of the Group C category were revered not just for their thrilling battles on track, but also for being at the cutting edge of technology thanks to the use of early CAD and wind tunnels in their design, as well as the space-age materials used in their construction. Perhaps this is why Autodromo decided to opt for a digital watch — the brand’s very first — for the Group C Sport Chronograph.

The shape of the 36 mm digital watch is inspired by the aerodynamic forms of Group C heroes like the Porsche 962C and Sauber C9, while the pushers in eye-catching shades echo the fluorescent mirror caps found on these race cars. The simple watch has a black and white LCD module with blue EL backlight, display time, date, and day, while other functions include a split time mode, alarm, and water resistance to 30 metres.

The watch is available in four colourways, with the yellow Cerakote version featuring a negative LCD display. Each watch comes with a reversible custom moulded FKM rubber strap as default but leather straps are also offered separately.