Celebrating 30 Years In China
Ferrari Roma Tailor Made Edition

The Ferrari Tailor Made programme has concocted many exceptional one-of-a-kind creations over the years, and its latest project is absolutely no exception. This beautiful Ferrari Roma has been created in collaboration with Chinese designer Jiang Qiong’er to celebrate 30 years of Ferrari in China – something that began with a Beijing customer ordering a Ferrari 348 TS back in 1992.

Jiang has a multicultural background, having studied in both Shanghai and Paris, and is a master in presenting Chinese traditions, craftsmanship, and design elements with a modern twist. That unique aesthetic can be seen in the Tailor Made Roma, which combines Chinese aesthetics with the Prancing Horse’s Italian design philosophy.

The performance specifications of the Tailor Made Roma remain unchanged, generating 620hp thanks to its 3.9-litre turbocharged V8. The transformation begins with the exterior, which has been coated in a matte  ‘Sanusilver’ silver hue and contrasting ‘Rosso Magma Glossy’ red accents, including red stripes inspired by furniture from the Ming Dynasty.

More details inspired by Chinese culture can be found in the cabin, in addition to the already-beautiful red leather and Tailor Made-signature carbon fibre sills. For example, an eye-catching gold plate engraved with the number ‘30’ and Chinese characters for ‘thirty’, with inlays made of jade to symbolise purity and gentility can be found on the centre console. The special coupé also comes with a ‘lifestyle package’, filled with accessories such as a bamboo-woven tea set and crystal and ebony aroma diffusers that embody Chinoiserie chic in every sense.

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