Casual Tailoring
New Balance MET24

The combination of style and comfort in all of life’s situations is at the core of the New Balance MET24 apparel line. Referencing the 2019 Waist To Toe trousers designed to pair with New Balance shoes, the MET24 consists of several collections including the Tailored Line, Denim, Base Layer, and MET24 for Women, all designed with functionality in mind.

The Tailored Line features five jackets and five trousers made of Solotex fabric in classic black. The biggest advantage of this fabric is that it ensures that the black shade doesn’t fade, while at the same time being stretchable, lightweight, and water repellent. The jackets are in an array of styles, including a formal suit jacket, a more casual coach jacket, a classic Harrington jacket, and more, while the trousers offer different fits ranging from wide, tapered, straight, to slim. As the jackets and the trousers are sold separately, it allows wearers to mix and match according to their needs.

The jacket from the Denim line is created with mixed synthetic fabric. The colour is very close to denim we all know, but won’t fade as such. As for the Base Layer, it features a long-sleeve T-shirt in three classic shades, and uses functional materials that absorb sweat and dry quickly, are treated with anti-pilling processing, and are soft and comfortable to wear. A short sleeve version will be available later when the weather warms up.