Cars and Bodies
An Artistic Exploration of Mobility in Megacities.

Any city dweller will have experienced a traffic jam at some time or another. For many, including residents of densely-populated Asian capitals or major urban centers like New York, they have become a way of life, but it’s not often that we see traffic jams of the human variety — especially not in the cars themselves. Such is the case, however, with Cars and Bodies, a recent art installation consisting of fourteen photographs and one film.

Created by the trio of Thomas Cestia, Romain Dussaulx and Yann Rabanier, Cars and Bodies, was intended to be a representation of “the human traffic jam that exists in cars,” and part of a larger exploration of “mobility in megacities” and our own perception of territory. Juxtaposing the solitary enjoyment of driving with fully-packed automobiles, both the images and short film are intriguing explorations of space, movement and comfort, as well as great fun to simply observe.