Carlsberg Beer Beauty Collection
Probably the best grooming products in the world

Carlsberg is a name normally associated with everyone’s favorite adult beverage — as well as a high-profile sponsor of everything from football to F1 — but the company known for brewing “probably the best beer in the world” rather unexpectedly launched a series of men’s grooming products earlier this year. Now, in support of the Movember Foundation, which raises awareness of male health issues, Carlsberg Laboratory — the R&D lab of Carlsberg Breweries — and Urtegaarden are extending their line of beauty products to include shaving gel, aftershave and moustache cream, in addition to the earlier release of a shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

More significantly, each product contains half a liter of real, freeze-dried Carlsberg brew, which reflects the idea that the beer’s premium hops, barley and yeast are full of vitamins, proteins and minerals — as well as antioxidants and antibacterial acids — that are beneficial to healthy skin and hair. With the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s also a gift set option that’s perfect for men who love their lager as much as their grooming routines.