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Rimowa Poker Attaché

When looking for a stylish and dependable suitcase, the offerings from Rimowa are always worth a look. The high-quality German luggage manufacturer is famous for its signature aluminium suitcases with parallel grooves. The distinctive style has been carried through to the brand’s latest item – a poker set inside a sliver attaché case.

The novel Poker Attaché case measures 41.5 cm wide, 35 cm tall, 8.5 cm deep and weighs 8.5 kg. Like other Rimowa suitcases, it features a secure metallic lock system that is fully integrated into the shell, as well as an ergonomic aluminium handle.

The attaché case is lined with Rimowa monogram-embossed leather, while suede-like microfibre compartments ensure all the pieces are appropriately housed. Inside, there are 350 poker chips divided into six colours: white, red, green, blue, black, and purple. The dealer and six dice are crafted in silver anodised aluminium, matching the exterior case. There are also two packs of cards to complete the set, and a removable leather-zipped pouch for storing the soft velvet when it’s not in use.