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Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera - The Mandalorian edition

Polaroid has teamed up with Lucasfilm to release an exclusive camera in celebration of the second season of The Mandalorian, which is set to air next month.

The special collector’s edition Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera comes in a new shade and finish inspired by The Mandalorian’s armour, reminiscent of Beskar steel and the titular character’s design details. Underneath the specially-designed shell is the same Polaroid Now camera that evolved from the original Polaroid OneStep cameras from the 1970s, featuring a 2-lens autofocus system, built-in double exposure, self-timer, and a more natural flash.

Released alongside the camera is the limited edition i-Type film, with each pack of colour film able to create eight photos with 12 frame designs in total. The designs display sepia, purple, or green oil slick iridescent tones and are adorned with characters and symbols inspired by The Mandalorian. So far we’ve seen different versions of Baby Yoda, the series’ logo — as well as the Star Wars logo — featured on the frames.

The Mandalorian Polaroid Now iType instant camera is priced at HK$1,599, while the colour i-Type film pack costs an additional HK$178. 

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