Camera on the Wrist
CMRA for Apple Watch

Rumour has it that Apple would eventually include a camera function in its watch, but now Apple Watch 2 is on sale and we’re still waiting. Tech startup Glide has taken note of the market demand and has released an Apple Watch strap named CMRA that uses with two Sony cameras. The two-megapixel selfie camera and the eight-megapixel outward facing camera can be operated by simply clicking the button on the strap with the dial acting as the viewfinder.

CMRA has its own 8GB storage for saving the images taken, but it can also connect to iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for syncing the photos to iCloud. That means you can still take photos even if your iPhone is out of battery. A dedicated app allows the sharing of photos on all the usual social media platforms, and a charging dock is included, which conveniently charges both CMRA and the Apple Watch itself at the same time. CMRA can be pre-ordered now with expectedly delivered in Spring 2017.